WhatsApp launched three security features simultaneously, know about them

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Instant multimedia messaging application WhatsApp, owned by Meta Company, has launched three new security features simultaneously. After the introduction of these three new security features, breaking into someone’s WhatsApp account will now prove to be very difficult. This new update just launched is especially for the privacy and security of the app. To get these three features, any Whatsapp user can update their Whatsapp app.

According to the WhatsApp messaging app, online chats and discussions should be private and secure. For this, Whatsapp has also introduced many features like first end to end encryption. WhatsApp has now given us information about the new feature through one of its blogs. All these three new features have been released for the users of both iOS and Android platforms. One of the new security features of WhatsApp that has been launched this year has been named Account Protect. This feature will give you instant information about your account login on any new device.

The name of the second feature launched by WhatsApp is Device Verification, which will work in the background and will not allow any malware to be installed in your WhatsApp and phone, nor will any hacker have access to any chat message. This new feature is exclusively for third party WhatsApp apps like WhatsApp Gold.

Now if we talk about the third and last feature, a feature called automatic security codes has been introduced by Whatsapp. This third feature gives information about whether you are talking to that real person or not. This code of WhatsApp can be seen in the user’s profile.

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