Like Twitter, now you will have to pay for Blue Tick on Facebook and Instagram, subscription service launched

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Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of social media platform Facebook. has now announced the launch of its new subscription service. In this new Meta Verified service of the company, users will get many new and additional features. From now onwards users who pay on monthly basis will also get account verification badge (blue tick).

The price of this new subscription service of Meta Company will be $ 11.99 on the Android app, while Meta users will have to pay a charge of $ 14.99 for taking this service through the iOS app. Let us also tell you here that at present this service has been brought especially keeping in mind the content creators. Along with the Verification Badge, we will also get features like ‘proactive account protection, access to account support and more visibility and reach’ in this subscription service. Meta Company spokesperson has shared this information in an email.

Apart from this, Meta’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has also given information about this new product through his Instagram account. As we tell you that this service was introduced only last week. Verification Badge option will be available separately for both Facebook and Instagram, which means they will have to be subscribed separately.

As we know that in the last few years subscription service has become very popular among social networking companies. This also gives social networking companies an opportunity to run their business in a different way, which is still mainly dependent on advertisements only. Snap Inc. The company has Snapchat Plus. While Twitter also has its own subscription service for some time already, whose biggest selling point is account verification.

However, it is still not clear whether users will have to pay for the services they have been using for free till now. However, the speed of Twitter’s subscription service has also been seen by us as slow. But the best thing about Meta’s subscription package is ‘increased visibility’. These days it is becoming very difficult to maintain the reach and visibility of your posts on Facebook or Instagram application, even the followers of the users do not see their posts. The company has also started showing users the content they are interested in, and not the content that is being posted by the people they are following.

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