Good news for users of Instagram, Facebook and Messenger, now they will be able to control from one place

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Facebook, Instagram and Messenger are all three social media platforms owned by their parent company Meta. Users of these social media often have to open different apps to post or share or view something on these three social media platforms. Because of which users sometimes miss something on Facebook, sometimes on Instagram and sometimes on Messenger. But now to get rid of the problem, looking at this problem of the users, Meta has brought a new feature named Centralized Account Center.

After the launch of this new feature of Meta, users will be able to control social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Messenger from one place. According to the information received from the company, with this feature, no user will have to resort to different apps to go to these three platforms.

Giving information on this new feature through one of its blog posts, the Meta company said that the Centralize Account Center feature has been created keeping in mind only those users who are available on two or all three of these social media platforms. Through this feature, users will be able to update from password to profile from one place. Users will get the option to manage all accounts at one place only through this new feature Control Center.

According to Meta Company, they have also started giving this new centralized account center feature to the users. This new feature has also reached some users. Although this feature has not reached all the users yet, but soon it will be available for everyone.

Apart from the information about this new feature, the company has also informed that Meta Global is concerned about the safety and security as well as cautious about this matter. The company has also spent about $5 billion for this new feature. Meta has also formed a special team for this, whose work is only and only to stop the posts that spread terrorism. Meta Company is also making a lot of improvements in the setting of its Ad Control Center, through which users can get maximum control over the ads.

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