Apple can make iOS more user friendly know what the company is doing

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Apple company always brings new features from time to time in its iOS to provide better experience to its users. Now the company is working on a new custom accessibility mode of its own. This new mode will help in providing a more streamlined interface for the Springboard application. Although the company is currently reducing this mode and at present this feature of Apple is available only on the beta version, due to being available on the beta version, it is not yet available to the general users.

Users often consider the interface of iOS as difficult and difficult as compared to Android and Apple also knows and understands this very well. Now the company is working on a new mode for this only. This new mode of the company will help in making the interface of iPhone and iPad more user friendly.

According to an internal description from the Apple company, Custom Accessibility Mode is a customizable, streamlined way to use your iPhone and iPad. Now users will be able to navigate the system somewhat with some restrictions in ‘Custom Accessibility Mode’.

Prior to this feature, Apple added News integration for regional weather stories to the Weather app in its beta release of iOS 16.2.

After the introduction of this new feature of Apple, users will also get to see weather updates in their area. For this feature, users will get a link to an article in Apple News which will provide complete weather information to Apple.

However, we have not yet received complete information about how long users will be able to get its update. It may also happen that the company releases this feature along with the new update of iOS. But only when this new feature will come, users will be able to use this new feature and see how much iOS has changed now compared to earlier.

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