Now you will be able to watch 4K videos for free on YouTube, know what is the company’s plan

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Google’s most famous platform, YouTube, people all over the world are crazy about it and if you are fond of watching YouTube videos then there is a good news for you. Now you will soon be able to watch 4K videos for free on the video streaming platform YouTube.

To do all this, you will no longer have to take a premium subscription to YouTube. Let us tell you that earlier only premium users of YouTube used to get the facility to watch 4K videos on YouTube. Before this option, YouTube had also announced to provide its account handle to the users.

Actually, a short time ago, YouTube shifted 4K video streaming to the premium category. This move of YouTube was also heavily criticized on social media, after which the company has changed its decision. YouTube itself also conducted a survey to buy premium subscription for 4K video streaming, in this survey, users strongly opposed this premium subscription. In view of this protest, YouTube has also stopped the 4K video streaming experiment.

Now YouTube has made an official announcement saying that YouTube users can now watch 4k videos without premium subscription, they will no longer need to take any kind of premium subscription for this. Let us tell you that for the first premium subscription, users had to pay Rs 129 for a month. On the other hand, the price of the three-month plan was fixed at Rs 399 and its annual plan was fixed at Rs 1,290. In its premium subscription, the option of downloading videos to users was also provided by YouTube.

Along with this, YouTube is soon going to release the account handle feature for its users. With this feature, users will have their own account handle just like platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, with the help of this feature, any user will be able to mention any other user. This feature of Google-owned company YouTube is currently being tested only. Soon it can also be released for all users.

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