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WhatsApp is testing this feature for WhatsApp chats not to be leaked

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One of the major reasons for WhatsApp chats leaking is cloud backup. That’s because WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, but not backed up.

WhatsApp has been preparing to bring end-to-end encryption to backups in the recent past. Now the news is that the company has started testing it. Under this, WhatsApp chats backed up on Google Drive or iCloud will also be end-to-end encrypted. If you are not familiar with end-to-end encryption, then tell that this is an encryption standard. No one else can see the chats made under this except the sender and receiver. Even the company is not able to access the users by wishing.

According to a report by WAbetainfo, this feature is being tested in WhatsApp beta To use it, users will also need a password for WhatsApp backup so that the backup on the cloud is safe. A password will always be required to restore a backup. This password will be with the users only and its information will not be with WhatsApp, Facebook, Google or Apple.

Under this feature, if users do not want to keep the password, then they can also use 64 digit encryption. If you have forgotten the encrypted backup key, you will never be able to restore a backup without it. So far it is so that if you have backed up your WhatsApp on Google Drive or iCloud, then there is no need to use any encryption key to restore it. So if someone gets access to your Google account or Apple account, then they can access from your chats backup.

That is, now after the introduction of this feature, not everyone will be able to access the chat backup. Here through encryption key or password, only that user will get access to it whose chat is there. At the moment it is not clear when it will be released to all the people.

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