Send SMS from Windows PC in this way, there will be no need to touch the phone

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If you work on PC, then you have to lift the mobile for SMS or text messages. For this, there are many such apps that keep syncing your phone with PC. Because of this, you can also send and receive SMS from PC. Because of this, you will not face the problem of changing the screen while working on the PC.

You can answer phone SMS from your computer itself. Because of this it will be very easy for you. There are many apps in the market for this. Here we are giving you information about similar apps by using which you can send SMS from PC itself. You will not need to pick up the phone.

“AirDroid” is quite popular for messaging from computer. With its help, file transfer, backup and sync, contact management can be done. Screenshots can also be taken on PC with the help of this app. With the premium version, you can send large files, but its free version is also copied for normal users.

The “Microsoft Your Phone” app is for Microsoft Windows and Android phones. For this you have to install both PC and phone version. Calls can also be made from the new version. Windows PC users can start with this. This is completely free.

“MightyText” is a popular choice for many users. The free version of this app allows you to send up to 250 messages in a month. For its premium edition, you will have to pay $ 6.99 per month for membership. Unlimited text can be done with this. Apart from this, many additional benefits are also given with it.

Join can also be a good option to send text messages from computer. With this an alert is also shown on your screen. With this you can take screenshots apart from file transfer. With this, the background can also be adjusted.

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