This is how users can control unwanted comments on Facebook

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Facebook is a powerful medium of communication on social media. Here people exchange their views. But in the process of this communication, sometimes some unwanted people get entangled without talking, it is very important to control such people. Now the question arises how to control these unwanted people. We will tell you some easy ways to avoid comments from unwanted people on Facebook.

To hide the post, you have to first go to your post. After this, click on the option with three dots which will be found in the top right corner, here you have to go to Edit Privacy. Then you have to tap on ‘Friends except’ here and select the person whom you want to hide on that Facebook post. After this the person you have selected will not be able to see or comment on that post of yours.

If you don’t like someone’s comment on your Facebook post, then that can also be hidden. After this the people present in the friend list will not see that comment. For this you have to go to the comment section of the Facebook post. After this, press and hold on the comment for a while. Here you will see the option of Hide Comment. Now you have to click on it. After that that comment will be hidden. If you want that comment to appear again, you have to tap and hold on that comment again for a while, then select the Unhide option.

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