Clubhouse launch Android app in India on May 21

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After launching its beta Android app on May 9 in the United States of America, the voice-based social media platform Clubhouse is set to launch the app for Android users worldwide. Facing a decline in downloads on iOS, the company said in its town hall on Sunday that the clubhouse would hit most Android devices by May 21.

Android users living in India can also use Clubhouse soon, Recently Clubhouse stated in an announcement that it is rolling out the application for Android users in India on Friday (May 21, 2021). By the end of this week, the app will be available to all Android users globally. The clubhouse company has reported that with the app launch this week, it will ensure feature parity with the app that is already available to iOS users. In select countries, the beta version has already been released.

In a Twitter post, the clubhouse announced that it would begin expanding with Japan, Brazil and Russia on Tuesday and more countries would be added throughout the week. The tweet also shows that Nigeria and India will get Android app on Friday morning.

The iOS version of the Clubhouse app is available from March 2020. In the first year, it grew to 10 million users, despite being available on invitation-only access. Even after the latest funding, the firm was recently valued at $ 4 billion. However, according to recent research firm SensTower, A decrease in its speed was recorded.

The club house had 2 million downloads in January and then increased to more than 9.5 million in February. Its downloads decreased to 2.7 million in March and again in April when they fell to less than one million. Roller coaster growth has been attributed to several reasons, but Android roll-out may help push it forward. The clubhouse install declined after the company faced moderation issues. Reports predict that the platform’s Android release may attract more users and increase the platform’s dwindling popularity.

Now other technology companies have also started releasing their own versions of audio-only apps. Twitter introduced Space, Telegram introduced voice calls for channels, Discord also launched their respective audio-only stage features. Reddit has announced the launch of its own audio-only platform, Reddit Talk. Facebook is also working on its suite of audio products, which may be launched in the coming months.

In recent months, the clubhouse has raised back-to-back funding from investors Andreessen Horowitz, DST Global and Tiger Global and is currently valued at $ 4 billion, more than four times its $ 1 billion valuation when it raised $ 100 Million was reported in Series B funding in January.

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