Best Gaming PC in India

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Only the best gaming PCs will let you get the most out of the best PC games. Fitted with the best processors and best graphics cards, they ensure buttery smooth performance and amazing graphical detail whether you want 1440p gaming or have graduated to 4K. When coupled with the best gaming monitor, these PCs’ performance will be the stuff of legends.

Gaming desktops are what you get when you don’t want the mobility but want all the performance that money can buy. Moreover, gaming desktops are cheaper than gaming laptops for the exact same performance. Of course, this is considering that you already have a monitor lying around. One of the best parts about getting a gaming desktop is that you don’t have to compromise on the keyboard.

Best Gaming PC in India

Finding the best gaming PC involves matching your gaming needs and abilities against the components that can fit into either a laptop or desktop system. In terms of sheer gaming power, desktop and tower models, thanks to their larger size and easy upgradeability, are often considered the best gaming computers.


2. ROG Strix GA35 (G35DX-IN003T)

3. Predator Orion 9000 PO9-900

4. Legion T530 (90L300NYIN)

5. Inspiron G5 Gaming Desktop

6. OMEN X Compact Desktop (P1000-013in)

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